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Welcome to the Oxford Invariants!

We are the Oxford University's student society for Mathematics. We're here to promote Maths and we host informal lectures, often given by leading mathematicians. The following is a list of all our talks, as well as some other maths lectures also happening this term.

Abstracts and full dates are available on the termcard page.

Invariants talks, taking place at 8.15 on Tuesdays in the New Mathematical Institute, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Banbury Road.

Week 1: The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets; Simon Singh

Week 2: Oxford Figures; Prof. Robin Wilson, Pembroke College and Open University

Week 3: Using Mathematics to Discover New Biology Prof. Philip Maini, St. John's College

Week 4: Puzzle Hunt

Week 5: Van der Waerden's Theorem; Prof. Imre Leader, Trinity College, Cambridge

Week 6: The Lavrentiev phenomenon; Sir John Ball, Queen's Queens College, FRS

Week 7: The random graph and its relations; Prof. Peter J Cameron, Queen Mary, University of London

Week 8: Christmas Party

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