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Welcome to the Oxford Invariants!

We are the Oxford University's student society for Mathematics. We're here to promote Maths and we host informal lectures, often given by leading mathematicians. The following is a list of all our talks, as well as some other maths lectures also happening this term.

Abstracts and full dates are available on the termcard page.

Invariants talks, taking place at 8.15 on Tuesdays in Lecture Theater 3, Andrew Wiles Building, Mathematical Institute, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Banbury Road.

Week 1: The 27 Lines and Other Stories; Nigel Hitchin

Week 2: Selling Category Theory to the Masses: a tale of Food, Spiders and Google; Bob Coecke

Week 3: Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis, or How to find Happiness Alex Davies

Week 4: Social

Week 5: The Dark Matter Mystery and the Large Hadron Collider; Ben Allanach, Cambridge

Week 6: Exams!

Week 7: More Exams!

Week 8: Lol.

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