Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1966

Tuesday 2nd week:
A. Gilmour (Imperial) “Computers – and what comes out of them”

Tuesday 3rd week:
Prof. H. B. Griffiths (Southampton) “Structure of 2-dimensional surfaces”

Tuesday 4th week:
C. N. Beard (Ministry of Defence) “Methods and Applications of Computer Simulation”

Tuesday 5th week:
Brains Trust on mathematics teaching in 6th forms
With Dr. H. Davies (Christ Church), J. D. Tinsley (St. Edward’s School) and two Invariants
Joint meeting with the ODBMA

Friday 5th week:
Archimedeans visit Oxford.

Monday 6th week:
Dr. Cyril Smith (LSE) “Mathematics and Marxism”
Joint meeting with OU Marxist Society

Tuesday 7th week:
E. F. Mellen (GKN Group Services) “Operational Research in Engineering”

Tuesday 8th week:
Prof. J. M. Ziman (Bristol) “What does a Theoretical Physicist think he is doing?”

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