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  • BMX Math Competition Day 1

  • A0_2016 Paper

  • Week 2 Summer 2022 Puzzle Challenge

    Just one from the archives. Feel free to post thoughts in the comments.

  • Invariants Talk 31st Jan

    Exploring human and machine intelligence 8PM — 31/1/2023MATHEMATICAL INSTITUTE MORE INFO BELOW MATHSTODON Exploring human and machine intelligence – Conversations between Mihaela van der Schaar and Andrew Rashbass Mihaela van der Schaar is the John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow at The Alan…

  • Hello world and welcome to our new website!

    We have decided to move away from Wix and migrate to wordpress. This offers many advantages to us. Notably we now have math support, . #invariants The dot product of a vector with itself is always non-negative, The determinant of an orthogonal matrix is always 1, The trace is invariant under cyclical permutations, The trace…

  • 2020 Invariants Michaelmas Puzzle Challenge

    Solutions should be submitted to no later than 14:59 BST on the Sunday after they are posted. Please quote your name, your institution, the week, and the numbers of the problems attempted in the subject line, e.g. Septus Quizonacci – University of Oxford – Week 7 – Problems 1,2,3.