Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1973

Tuesday 1st week:
Prof. F. Harary (Michigan) “Some independent discoveries in Graph Theory”

Tuesday 2nd week:
Prof. J. F. C. Kingman (St. Cross) “Variance and Invariants: Some thoughts at random”

Friday 2nd week:
Prof. J. G. Taylor (King’s College, London) “Mathematics and the Brain”

Tuesday 3rd week:
Dr. J. M. Hammersley (Oxford Institute of Economics and Statistics) “Technology of Thought”

Friday 4th week:
Prof. M. Tangora (Illinois)

Tuesday 5th week:
Mr. P. C. Roberts (Head of Systems Analysis Research Unit, Dept. of the Environment) “Mathematical Models”

Tuesday 6th week:
Archimedeans visit Oxford.

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