Termcard for Hilary Term 1978

Tuesday 1st week:
Prof. G. Temple CBE, FRS “Noah’s Theorem – James Clerk Maxwell & Morse Theory”

Tuesday 2nd week:
Dr. J. F. Macqueen (CERL) “Exponentials – at sea and in crisis”

Tuesday 3rd week:
Prof. C. A. R. Hoare (Oxford) “A calculus for computer programming”

Tuesday 4th week:
Dr. R. J. Wilson (Open University) “Stamping through mathematics”
Joint meeting with ODBMA and OU Philatelic Society

Tuesday 5th week:
Prof. M. F. Norman (Pennsylvania) “A model for human learning”

Wednesday 5th week:
Trip to Cambridge to play the Archimedeans at games.

Tuesday 7th week:
Dr. H. A. Priestley (St. Anne’s) “Aristotle to Einstein – the non-variant Oxford curriculum”

Tuesday 8th week:
Annual Dinner

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