Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1979

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Dr. Peter Neumann (Queen’s) “Is group theory really necessary?”

Friday 3rd Week:
Prof. E. Christopher Zeeman, FRS (Warwick) “Applications of catastrophe theory” [Joint meeting with OU Scientific Society]

Tuesday 5th Week:
Prof. T. Brooke Benjamin, FRS (Oxford) “New thoughts on soap films”

Tuesday 6th Week:
Prof. Sir Hermann Bondi [postponed until Trinity 1980]

Tuesday 7th Week:
Prof. John W.S. Cassels, FRS (Cambridge) “When Englishmen were not ashamed to count”

Tuesday 8th Week:
Prof. Crispin St.J.A. Nash-Williams, FRSE (Reading) “The Kirkman schoolgirls problem”

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