Termcard for Hilary Term 1982

Monday 3rd Week:
Dr. Morris Dodson (York) “Fractals and Catastrophes, or, the Rough with the Smooth”

Saturday 3rd Week:
Problems Drive versus the Archimedeans

Tuesday 4th Week:
Dr. Henderson (Dept. of Programming Research, Oxford) “Functional Geometry – building pictures from pictures using a computer”

Tuesday 6th Week:
Dr. D.J. Acheson (Jesus) Presidential Address: “Rotating Fluids and Planetary Atmospheres”

Saturday 6th Week:
The Archimedeans’ Annual Dinner

Friday 7th Week:
Dr. Mathias (Cambridge)

Tuesday 8th Week:
Dr. John Hersee “The Cockcroft Report” [Joint meeting with the ODBMA]

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