Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1982

Tuesday 1st Week:
Dr. Robert R. Laxton (Nottingham) “The mathematics of Ancient Corbelled Tombs and other structures”

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Dr. Peter M. Neumann (Queen’s) “Things are seldom what they seem”

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Dr. Peter J. Cameron (Merton) “The Random Graph”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Dr. D.H. Fowler (Warwick) “On Ratio”

Tuesday 6th Week:
Mr. Hugh Neill (Staff Inspector for Mathematics, ILEA) “Trapdoors, Knapsacks and Nearly Prime – some of the problems and methods of modern cryptography”

Tuesday 7th Week:
Prof. M.F. Atiyah, FRS (Oxford)

Tuesday 8th week:
Dr. Caroline M. Series (Warwick) “Non-Euclidean Patchwork: An excursion into hyperbolic geometry”

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