Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1983

Tuesday 1st Week:
Prof. E. Christopher Zeeman, FRS (Warwick) “Gears from the Greeks”Joint meeting with the ODBMA

Thursday 1st Week:
Dr. Robin J. Wilson (Open University & Keble) “Stamping through Mathematics”

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Prof. J.H. Conway (Cambridge) “Games with Groups”

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Dr. W.B.R. Lickorish (Cambridge) “Knowledge of Knots”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Prof. S.A. Robertson (Southampton) “The Twenty-Two Cuboids and the Nine Perfect Solids”

Tuesday 6th Week:
Dr. J.A.D. Welsh (Merton) “Randomised Algorithms”

Tuesday 7th Week:
Prof. Crispin St.J.A. Nash-Williams, FRSE (Reading) “The Kirkman Schoolgirls Problem”

Tuesday 8th week:
Dr. Hilary Ockendon (Somerville) “G.I. (or How to be an Applied Mathematician in the 20th century”

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