Termcard for Hilary Term 1985

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Professor K. Morton (Oxford University) “On the Many Ways of Solving Ax=b”

Tuesday 3rd Week:
K. Regan (Oxford University) “Enigma Variations: Trapdoors and Knapsacks”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Professor D.N. Burghes (Exeter University)

Thursday 5th Week:
Annual Dinner

Tuesday 6th Week:
Dr. P.M. Neumann (Queen’s College) “The Real World and the Rational World”

Tuesday 7th Week:
Dr. N.M.J. Woodhouse (Wadham College) “Curvature or Going round the Bend”

Tuesday 8th Week:
Dr. I. Stewart (Warwick university) “Symmetry Breaking”

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