Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1986

Tuesday 1st Week:
Dr T.J. Kent (Leed University) “Why the Musical Scale has 13 Notes”

Tuesday 2nd Week:
I. Parker Esq (ICI New Science Group)

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Professor T.J. Wilmore (Durham University) “Figures with Nice Shapes”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Professor P. Vamos (Exeter University) “What does an Algebraist Do?”

Tuesday 5th Week:
Dr. D.J. Acheson (Jesus College) “Instability”

Tuesday 6th Week:
Professor A.M. Arthurs (York University) “Synge’s Hypercircle”

Tuesday 7th Week:
Professor D.G. Kendall, FRS (Cambridge University) “An Exotic Distribution connected with Random Shapes”

Also in 7th Week:
Christmas party

Tuesday 8th Week:
Dr. M. Powell (St. Peter’s College) “1 1/4 Reasons why Hardy is not Turning in his grave”

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