Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1991

Tuesday 1st Week:
Dr. R.J. Wilson (Open University) “Let Newton be!”

Friday 1st Week:
Puzzles and Games evening

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Professor R. Penrose (Oxford University) “Twistors”

Wednesday 2nd Week:
Professor Sir H. Bondi (Cambridge University) “Special Relativity”

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Professor E.C. Zeeman (Oxford University) “Plimpton 322”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Professor N. Biggs (London School of Economics) “The Mathematics of Learning”

Tuesday 5th Week:
Quiz evening – with prizes

Saturday 5th Week:
Treasure Hunt with the Archimedeans

Tuesday 6th Week:
Jeremy Gray (London) “Poincare and the Chaos of the Solar System”

Tuesday 7th Week:
Christmas Party

Tuesday 8th Week:
Dr. Allan Chapman (Oxford University) “Edmund Halley: Astronomer and Mathematical Entrepreneur”

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