Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1992

Tuesday 1st Week:
Dr. Robin J. Wilson (Open University) “800 Years of Oxford Mathematics”

Friday 1st Week:
Puzzles and Games evening – Keble

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman, F.R.S., Master of Hertford “Gyroscopes and Boomerangs”

Friday 2nd Week:
Video Evening – Keble

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Dr. Phil Rippon (Open University) “A Mandlebrot Set for Piecewise Linear Mappings”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Professor I.M. James, F.R.S., Savilian Professor of Geometry, Oxford “Sylvester”

Tuesday 5th Week:
Dr. David J. Acheson (Jesus) “Instability, Catastrophe and Chaos”

Tuesday 6th Week:
Puzzles and Games evening – Keble

Tuesday 7th Week:
Professor Tony Hoare, F.R.S., Professor of Computation, Oxford “The Mathematics of Parallel Programming”

Tuesday 8th Week:
Christmas Party – Lady Margaret Hall

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