Termcard for Hilary Term 1996

Tuesday 1st week:
Dr. Peter Neumann (Queen’s) “Symmetry and Polynomials”

Tuesday 2nd week:
Catherine A. Jackson (Somerville) “George Green: Miller and Mathematician”

Tuesday 3rd week:
Prof. Peter Saunders (King’s College, London) “The Gaia Hypothesis and the Daisyworld Model”

Tuesday 4th week:
Dr. Andrew Hodges (Wadham)
Alan Turing: his life and work”

Saturday 4th week:
Sixtieth Anniversary Dinner

Tuesday 5th week:
Prof. Stewart Robertson (Southampton) “The Cube and the Cuboids”
Followed by the AGM

Tuesday 6th week:
Members’ Papers
Lecture Room B, Worcester
David Wallace (Merton) “Infinity and the Continuum”
Chris M. Dickson (Keble) “Probability, Protocols and a Paradox”
Colin Batchelor (Merton) “Algebra in Chemistry”
Andrew Dagnall (Keble) “History of Computers”
Simeon Rimmer (St. John’s) “Crossing the Road”

Sunday 7th week:
Archimedeans’ Problems Drive
2 p.m., Trinity College, Cambridge

Tuesday 7th week:
Dr. John Fauvel (Open University)
Lewis Carroll: Victorian Mathematician”
Joint with the Mad Hatter’s Society

Tuesday 8th week:
Balloon Debate – Famous Mathematicians Justify their Existance
Old Dining Hall, St. Edmund Hall

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