Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1998

Tuesday 1st Week
Dr. Acheson (Jesus)

“Chaos, Catastrophes and the Electric Guitar”

Thursday 1st Week
Freshers’ Drinks

At the Lower Lecture Theatre, Lincoln.

Tuesday 2nd Week
Prof Alan Camina (UEA)

“Are Elections Fair?”

Tuesday 3rd Week
Dr Robin Wilson (Open University and Keble)

“The Mathematics of Lewis Carroll”

Tuesday 4th Week
Prof Gareth Jones (Southampton)

“Maps, Permutations and Platonic Solids”

Tuesday 5th Week
Tom Korner (Trinity Hall, Cambridge)

“Marrying, Voting, Choosing”

Tuesday 6th Week
Mike Richards (GCHQ)

Title to be announced

Tuesday 7th Week
Prof Higginbotham (Somerville)

“Representation of Time in Natural Languages”

Thursday 7th Week
Prof Richard Borcherds (Trinity, Cambridge; winner of 1998 Fields Medal)

“Monstrous Moonshine”

Tuesday 8th Week
Christmas Party

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