Termcard for Hilary Term 2002

Tuesday 1st Week
Dr. Richard Steinberg (Cambridge)

“Combinatorial Auctions”
In a combinatorial auction, bids are permitted not only on individual items, but on groups of items as well. Recently, the American government attempted to design a combinatorial auction. Why they should want to do this, and what actually happened, is the subject of this talk.

Tuesday 2nd Week
Prof. Singmaster (S.B.U.)

“New Results on Old Problems in Recreational Mathematics”
In looking at old recreational problems, several unsolved questions had been found and have been subsequently solved. These include river-crossing problems, sharing barrels, bear-hunting problems, nets of the dodecahedron and a number of diophantine problems.

Tuesday 3rd Week
Dr. Robin Wilson (Open University & Keble)

“Here’s Looking at Euclid”
A talk on the history and content of Euclid’s Elements.

Tuesday 4th Week
Invariant Annual Dinner

This will be held in the dining hall at St. Hilda’s College, starting at 7 pm. Tickets can be obtained at Invariant meetings.

Tuesday 5th Week
Colin Jack

“Popular Mathematics – a Contradiction in Terms?”
This meeting will be followed by our AGM.

Tuesday 6th Week
Dr. Irene Ault (St. Hilda’s)

Sausages, Space-fillers and Self-similar Curves
This talk will address the use of Contraction Mapping Theorem in an appropriate setting to construct interesting curves, such as continuous maps of [0,1] onto the unit square.

Tuesday 7th Week
Prof. Vaughan-Lee (Christ Church)

“The Mathematics of Rubik’s Cube”
Rubik’s Cube is a beautiful example of group theory in action. This will be illustrated in the talk. Bring a cube along, if you have one.

Tuesday 8th Week
Members Papers

This is our members’ chance to take to the stage. If you would like to speak, please contact the secretary beforehand. This event will be held in the Higman room.

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