Termcard for Trinity Term 2013

Tuesday Week 1, 23rd April – Invariants Social / Election

N/A The first week of the most work heavy term heralds the newest INVARIANTS SOCIETY SOCIAL, a chance for everyone to come and have fun while discussing holidays and playing games and eating copious quantities of jaffa cakes and drinking tea, but most importantly, applying for one of the remaining committee positions!

Tuesday Week 2, 30th April – A Low-Bit Rate Introduction to Information Theory

Richard Earl How much information is there in being told the roll of a die or the colour of a person’s eyes? A mathematical theory of information dates back to Shannon’s seminal 1948 paper. “Shannon entropy” measures how much information is being conveyed (e.g. by a person speaking) and can be shown to be a lower bound for just how quickly that information can be encoded and transmitted. The talk also discusses some of the main issues of coding – optimal codes, instantaneous codes, error-correcting codes, and a little on cryptography.

Tuesday Week 3, 7th May – Members’ Papers

None – William Perry, “The Mathematics of Trousers” Bordism, category theory and the universe. – Andrius Vaicenavicius, “Maths of Colouring” Fun and elementary graph theory.

Tuesday Week 4, 14th May – Social!

None None

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