Termcard for Michaelmas Term 2017

Invariants Social & Magazine Launch Party

Week 1, Tuesday 10 October MT 2017
Common Room, Mathematical Institute

Come and meet other Maths students in the Maths Institute’s amazing common room (the tables are whiteboards!).

Finding Earth v2: Steve Roberts, University of Oxford

Week 2, Tuesday 17 October MT 2017
L2, Mathematical Institute

Modelling and removal of transients and systematics for exoplanet discovery

Morgan Stanley

Week 2, Thursday 19 October MT 2017
Common Room, Mathematical Institute

Morgan Stanley Coding Event (with Networking), FREE for EVERYONE!

Reinventing the wheel: Vicky Neale, University of Oxford

Week 3, Tuesday 24 October MT 2017
L2, Mathematical Institute

What is the purpose of a proof?

TPP Logic Puzzle Session + FREE Pizza

Week 4, Wednesday 1 November MT 2017
Common Room, Mathematical Institute

On Wednesday 1st November (starting about 7pm) global software firm TPP will be hosting

Beat the Blues – Invariants Pub Night

Week 5, Wednesday 8 November MT 2017
Royal Oak Oxford, Mathematical Institute

Just a super casual meeting, and an opportunity to relax a bit and complain about your workload with fellow mathematicians. Everyone welcome!

Invariants Puzzle Competition

Week 6, Tuesday 14 November MT 2017
L2, Mathematical Institute

Bring your friends or form a team of up to 4 people on the spot and solve some fun maths puzzles!

Prediction (event was canceled): Doyne Farmer, University of Oxford

Week 7, Tuesday 21 November MT 2017
L2, Mathematical Institute

For reasons of pure chance, my career has been framed by the challenge of prediction. While a graduate student I led a team that built

Christmas Dinner

Week 8, Thursday 30 November MT 2017
St John’s College

As tradition dictates, the society is organising a Christmas Dinner! This year it will take place on Thursday of 8th week (30 Nov) at St John’s College.

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