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  • Talk by James Maynard


    The Oxford Integration Bee is happening Wednesday, February 22nd from 6:00 – 8:30 in L1. This event is open to anyone, and integrals can be solved with A-level maths.  There will be £150 cash prizes for the winners, as well as pizza and snacks between rounds. Schedule: Qualification Test: 6:00 – 6:30 Social, Pizza, Snacks:…

  • Some Open Problems – Talk by Prof. Ben Green

    Abstract: I will discuss a variety of open problems of a type which, I hope, will be accessible to all. I will focus on problems which are not quite the most famous ones, and I will try and explain why I think they are interesting.

  • Invariants Talk 31st Jan

    Exploring human and machine intelligence 8PM — 31/1/2023MATHEMATICAL INSTITUTE MORE INFO BELOW MATHSTODON Exploring human and machine intelligence – Conversations between Mihaela van der Schaar and Andrew Rashbass Mihaela van der Schaar is the John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow at The Alan…