Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1980

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Dr. J.D. Murray (Corpus Christi) “How the leopard got its spots and some other biological and ecological stories: a mathematician’s view”

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Dr. J. Conway (Cambridge) “The Monster Group”

Saturday 4th Week:
Balloon Debate with the Cambridge Archimedeans

Tuesday 5th Week:
Prof. D. Lynden-Bell, FRS (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge) “The Negative Specific Heat Paradox”

Tuesday 6th Week:
Prof. S.A. Robertson (Southampton) “Symmetry Classification of Convex Polytopes”

Saturday 6th Week:
Puzzles and Games Drive v. the Archimedeans, at Oxford.

Tuesday 7th Week:
Dr. P.M. Dew (Leeds) “Mathematical Engineering”

Tuesday 8th Week:
Dr. P.J. Cameron (Merton) “Beyond the Pigeonhole Principle” [Joint meeting with the ODBMA]

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