Termcard for Hilary Term 1981

Monday 3rd Week:
Dr. R.M. Anderson (Imperial) “The Dynamics and Control of Rabies within Fox Populations”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Dr. Ed Fiddy (OR Manager, British Leyland, Cowley) “Emotion v. Logic [Joint with OR Society]
Sherry will be served afterwards.

Saturday 4th Week:
Problems Drive v. the Archimedeans at Cambridge.

Tuesday 5th Week:
Dr. D. Singmaster (South Bank Poly) “Latest News on the Magic Cube”

Tuesday 7th Week:
Dr. D.J. Acheson (Jesus) Presidential Address: “Whoops! Another Damned Instability”

Wednesday 7th Week:
Annual Dinner

Tuesday 8th Week:
Joint meeting with the ODBMA

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