Termcard for Hilary Term 1994

Tuesday 1st Week:
Professor Dominic Welsh (Merton) “Colouring and its Complexity”

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Dr. T.W. Korner (Cambridge University) “Devil’s Staircases, Ramps and Rollercoasters”

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Professor G. James (Imperial) “Game, Set and Permutation”

Tuesday 4th Week:
Dr. D. Singmaster (South Bank) “Combinatorial Search Problems in Recreational Mathematics”

Tuesday 5th Week:
Dr. Glenys Luke (St. Hugh’s) “Geometric Hyperfrolics”

Sunday 6th Week:
Problems drive with the Archimedeans in Cambridge

Tuesday 6th Week:
Sir David Cox (Nuffield College) “Rains, Queues, and Epidemics”

Tuesday 7th Week:
Dr. T.K. Carne (Cambridge University) “Making Surfaces out of Triangles”

Wednesday 7th Week:
Anual Dinner at Lady Margaret Hall

Tuesday 8th Week:
Dr. Peter Neumann “Galois the Famous Failure”

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