Termcard for Trinity Term 1994

Tuesday 1st Week:
Dr. J.M. Spivey (Oxford Programming Research Group) “Programming with the Algebra of Functions”

Tuesday 2nd Week:
Dr. Mary Lunn (St. Hugh’s) “Mathematics for Random Dot Stereograms”

Sunday 3rd Week:
Croquet match with the Archimedeans

Tuesday 3rd Week:
Profesor Benoit Mandlebrot (IBM Watson Labs / Yale University) “Negative Dimension, Lacunarity, and Other New Developments in Fractal Geometry”

Sunday 4th Week:
Punt Party

Tuesday 4th Week:
Dr. A.F. Beardon (Cambridge University) “Iteration and Tesselation in Curved Space”

Tuesday 5th Week:
Professor Jerry P. King (Lehigh University, USA) “The Art of Mathematics”

Tuesday 6th Week:
‘Informal gathering’ Worcester College

Tuesday 7th Week:
‘Informal gathering’ Worcester College

Tuesday 8th Week:
‘Informal gathering’ Worcester College

Thursday 9th Week:
Mods Party – Pizza Hut

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