Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1994

Tuesday 1st week:
Dr. Robin Wilson (Keble) “Stamping through Mathematics”

Sunday 2nd week:
Drinks Party from 7.45pm in the Morley-Fletcher Room, Worcester College.

Tuesday 2nd week:
Professor Fred Piper (RHBNC) “How to keep a secret”

Sunday 3rd week:
Scavenger Hunt with the Cambridge Archimedeans.

Tuesday 3rd week:
Dr. Colin Wright (Datawave Technology Ltd.) “Juggling – theory and practice”

Tuesday 4th week:
Professor Walter Ledermann “The Fifteen Puzzle and the Chinese Rings”

Tuesday 5th week:
Professor Thomas Archer Hirst (1830-1892) and Helen Gardner (Northampton) “The Diaries of a Victorian Mathematician”

Tuesday 6th week:
Dr. Tony Gardiner (Birmingham) “Which is most important: Problems, Theories or Applications?”

Tuesday 7th week:
Dr. John Skilling (Cambridge) “Statistics, Entropy and Logic”

Tuesday 8th week:
Christmas Party including Mathematical Call My Bluff.

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