Termcard for Trinity Term 1999

Tuesday 1st Week
Invariant Puzzles and Games

It is once again time to dust off the cornucopia that is the Invariant Society’s box of board games and similar items. We will not be deterred by missing pieces, nor even missing boards.

Tuesday 2nd Week
Dr Brian Stewart (Exeter)

“A Combinatorial Proof of the Pythagoras Theorem”
The better known proofs of this theorem tend to have a more geometrical nature. Dr Stewart will describe a more interesting version, using only the very easiest bits of Mods.

Tuesday 3rd Week
Richard Pinch (Cheltenham)

“Primes and Psuedoprimes”
Large prime numbers are of great importance in cryptography. The tests for primality used in their generation are only probabalistic – hence psuedoprimes. Some of these tests, the nature of their psuedoprimes, and the consequences of their use will be described.

Tuesday 4th Week
TBA (Brasenose)

Sunday 5th Week

We will, weather permitting, play croquet. Precise details will follow. There will most likely be strawberries and cream. We may have opponents (but you don’t by any means need to be an expert player.)

Tuesday 6th Week
Ice Skating

Exams are getting ever nearer by now, so vent your frustration and acquire a whole range of personal injuries you would never have believed possible by skating. Meet outside the Maths Institute at 8.15pm (or in Carfax at 8:30). This will cost a few pounds.

Tuesday 7th Week
Informal Gathering

And nearer still…. So we end all pretence of proper meetings. We might meet in someone’s room, and perhaps watch some vidseos, or we might visit a public house. Greater precision on this matter will be achieved closer to the day.

Tuesday 8th Week
Informal Gathering

Now they are right on top of us, so we do more or less the samme as the previous week, with some minor variations, and, no doubt, fewer people.

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