Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1999

Tuesday 1st Week
David Acheson (Jesus)

“Desert Island Mathematics”

Tuesday 2nd Week
Rebecca Gower (DfEE)

“How to build with LEGO”

Sunday 3rd Week
Treasure Hunt

Tuesday 3rd Week
Prof. John Davenport (Bath)

“Public Key Cryptography and recent developments in factoring integers”

Tuesday 4th Week
Paul Tod (St John’s)

“What do mathematicians do?”

Tuesday 5th Week

Tuesday 6th Week
Ian Porteous (Liverpool)

“Robust features of curves and surfaces, with applications to CAD and MRI”

Tuesday 7th Week
Prof. Mike Giles (OUCL)

“Applied Maths in the Real World”

Tuesday 8th Week
Christmas Party

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